child-headed households

Three years ago, Bright Vision leadership was made aware of three girls living alone, without guardians, in a house that was literally falling apart.  Bright Vision intervened and with the help of generous donors, we built these girls a house.  This was the beginning of our family sponsorship program.  For the past two years, we have been supporting ten “Child-Headed Households”- normally children living on their own or with elderly grandparents who are unable to care for them.  Each year we pay school fees, provide farming inputs, roofing materials, household items, and food support.  In 2015, local chiefs have helped us identify five more families who we will try move towards self-sustainability after two years. 

meet some of the families



Lenayi is grandmother to five children she cares for in a home that is about 60 square feet.  The children’s parents are both dead, and they had been scraping by for a long time.  Thanks to help from two organizations, H2O and HOWMS, Lenayi and her grandchildren have a new house as of December 2015. 



Mwaiwao is 15 years old, and lives with her grandmother who is crippled.  Her grandmother has no one else to care for her, so Mwaiwao does everything; housework, farming, cooking.  This year, we have provided her with the things she will need to take care of her grandmother and herself.  She also was the recipient of a new home, finished in June 2016.



Nasawa takes care of her four orphaned nieces and nephews.  They were living in a shack that was open to the weather.  They were able to build a simple clay-brick structure and we helped them put a roof and doors on it. 



Esau is the oldest of five kids.  His parents died and he stays with his grandmother.  Esau wants to become an agriculture adviser for rural areas when he grows up.  We are helping him towards this goal by paying his school fees and providing boarding so he doesn't have to travel so far.