feeding program

Providing food for hungry children was the first and only program that Bright Vision offered when it started in 2005.  Ten years later, we are feeding hundreds of kids every week.

Over the years we found that there are certain times of the year when food is most scarce and people are most hungry.  From November to April we offer feeding programs on Wednesdays and Saturdays, averaging around 600 meals served each day.  Do the math and that’s about 29,000 meals of nsima and beans.  For the 2015-2016 feeding program, we started six weeks early and ended six weeks later due to food shortages in the area caused by insufficient rains last year. 

By God’s grace, we’ll be serving over 50,000 meals this year.


nursery school

When we started our nursery school program, it quickly became apparent that these children were coming to their daily class time hungry.  So we started providing a meal for them each morning.  We found a locally produced porridge called Likhuni Pala that is high in protein and vital nutrients that these children (ages two to five) need during an important developmental time in their lives.